Tatiana Friesen

Specializes In: Viola, Violin


After a childhood immersed in choral singing and piano playing, Tatiana picked up a viola and became friends with it. She earned a Bachelor of Music from Canadian Mennonite University and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Music from the University of Manitoba, both under the instruction of Daniel Scholz, and a Master’s in Early Music from McGill University, where she studied with Hélène Plouffe and Olivier Brault. Tatiana is a member of Winnipeg period-instrument Baroque ensemble Musica Poetica, which she formed in 2016.

As a chorister, she has sung with the Mennonite Festival Chorus in Winnipeg and Seraphim Chamber Choir in Montreal. Tatiana has been on faculty at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts, CMU’s Community School of Music and the Arts, Cadenza Summer Music Week, and Sistema Winnipeg, in addition to teaching out of her private studio. In her work as a player and teacher she seeks ways to recognize and diffuse the physical and mental blocks that hinder healthy, enjoyable music-making. She loves teaching students of all ages and levels.