Domanie Billinghurst-Schadek

Specializes In: Violin, Voice, Music Outreach


Domanie Billinghurst-Schadek is a Winnipeg singer, violinist and music educator.  She began her musical journey at the age of 8, first studying violin at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts and later with Carlisle Wilson.   She is an alumni of the Winnipeg Youth Orchestra as an Assistant Concertmaster, and enjoys many local freelance opportunities.  After performing in dinner theatre and as a church vocal soloist during her teenage years, she focused her studies on classical voice with Kelly Robinson and Valdine Anderson.  She has enjoyed performances with the Manitoba Opera Chorus and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys a freelance career in Winnipeg. Awards include the Gordon Hignell Memorial Trophy and being a finalist for the Rose Bowl Trophy at the Winnipeg Music Festival in 2013.

Currently, Domanie spends most of her energy on teaching and pedagogy.   She has formal training as a Suzuki Pedagogue in violin, and is currently exploring further training in vocal pedagogy with the Suzuki Association of America.  Most recently, she completed specialty training in early childhood music education at the Suzuki Talent Education Society of Calgary.

Domanie has been teaching early childhood music and music outreach at the MCMA since 2017. Prior to joining the MCMA as a private instructor, she has been a faculty member at the University of Manitoba Preparatory Studies Division and Suzuki Music Winnipeg since 2006.

Domanie’s first priority is building a sincere and supportive relationship with each of her students so they feel safe to try new things and free to express themselves.  She believes that teaching others to make beautiful music also makes beautiful human beings.  She is very excited to be joining the MCMA faculty this year!