What Is The Conservatory Address?
What Are The Hours Of Operation?
Why Should I Study At The Conservatory?
What Types Of Lessons Does The Conservatory Offer?
Who Can Study At The Conservatory?
How Old Should My Child Be To Start Private Music Lessons?
How Do I Choose A Teacher?
When Can I Take Lessons?
How Many Lessons Do I Have To Sign Up For?
What Performance Opportunities Are Available?
Can I Get High School Credit For Taking Lessons?
Can I Practice In The Conservatory Studios?
What Are The Other Benefits Of Being A Conservatory Student?
Can I Take Lessons If I Do Not Own An Instrument?
How Can Private Lessons Help Me If I Sing In A Garage Band?
Does The Conservatory Rent Or Sell Instruments?
Does The Conservatory Sell Sheet Music?
Does The Conservatory Accept Donations Of Instruments And Sheet Music?


When Can I Take Lessons?
How Many Lessons Do I Have To Sign Up For? (How Long Is The School Term?)
Can I Register For A Few Lessons?
Are Lessons Tax Deductible?
How Do I Register?
How Much Does Individual Instruction Cost?
What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted?
What If I Miss A Lesson?
How Do I Let My Teacher Know That I’m Going To Miss A Lesson?
What If My Teacher Misses A Lesson?
What If I Need To Stop Lessons?
Can I Change Teachers During The Year?
Can I Join A Group Class That Has Already Begun?
Are Refunds Issued For Group Classes?
What If I Must Withdraw From Group Classes Due To Medical Reasons


What is the Conservatory Address?

Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts
University of Winnipeg, Bryce Hall, 515 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, MB | R3B 2E9

Phone: 204.988.7650
Fax: 204.947.3853
Email: info@mcma.ca

A Registered Canadian Charitable Organization
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What are the hours of operation?

Regular School Year (September to June):
Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am – 8:45 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday & Sunday: Closed

Summer Session (June 18 – September 3):
Monday to Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Closed
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Why should I study at the Conservatory?

It is just as important to have a qualified instructor for a beginning student as it is at the advanced levels. All the Conservatory Faculty are accredited teachers with a minimum of Bachelor of Music or equivalent. Plus — our Faculty are all musician-teachers. They are out there playing real gigs in the real world. With over 60 faculty members to choose from, we can find the right fit for you. Many of the Faculty follow the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Conservatory Canada and Suzuki courses of study. Instruction is available for these formal courses of study, university entrance, high school credit or just for pleasure. The Conservatory programs are designed to suit your musical interests. CLICK HERE to visit our Faculty page.
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What types of lessons does the Conservatory offer?

Our Faculty is very musically diverse so the Conservatory is able to offer individual and group instruction in more than almost any instrument in any genre you might prefer— classical, Jazz, rock, blues, musical theatre, fiddle, and much more. If fact – if you wish to get instruction on an instrument that we currently don’t have — we will attempt to find a suitable instructor. Click on one of the program buttons to view a complete listing of programs.
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Who can study at the Conservatory?

The Conservatory exists to offer professionally taught lessons and classes to students of all ages and all levels. No one is too young or too old to enrol in programs at the Conservatory, from the complete beginner to the most advanced.
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How old should my child be to start private music lessons?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an instrument such as the physical size of the child and maturity level. It is best to begin private instruction when a child is ready and able to stay focused during lesson and practice time, however starting at an older age will not hinder a student’s progress in any way. Violin and piano students can begin studying as young as 3, with voice, guitar, woodwind, brass and percussion students usually starting a few years later.
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How do I choose a teacher?

If you would like to take lessons with a specific teacher, we would be more than happy to arrange lessons (depending on fit, scheduling and availability). Otherwise, we find the best results occur when the Conservatory’s Student Services staff works with you to make an informed choice as to which Faculty member best fits the student.  We will set  up a free consultation between student (and parent) and the recommended teacher. At this time special preferences and requirements will be addressed. To ensure a positive relationship between teacher and students, the Conservatory offers a two-lesson trial period, during which you may request to switch to a different teacher, without notice or penalty.
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When can I take lessons?

The Conservatory is open Monday through Thursday 10:00am to 9:00pm, Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. These hours apply during our regular school term from September to June (excluding Winter Break and Spring Break). Summer hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00 am – 5 pm and Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm.
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How many lessons do I have to sign up for?
(How long is the school term?)

The regular school term runs for 38 weeks from September until June. There are two breaks in the academic year, Winter Break and Spring Break which coincide with most public school breaks where there are no regularly-scheduled lessons. So the normal course consists of around 30 sessions. Inter-Session runs in July and August.
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What performance opportunities are available?

The Conservatory offers students many valuable performance opportunities. Students may perform in numerous Conservatory recitals in addition to which many faculty members hold their own student recitals and workshops. As well, Conservatory students are often in demand as performers in the community.
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Can I get high school credit for taking lessons?

High school credit is available to private music study.  Please visit the Manitoba Education website for more information.

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Can I practice in the Conservatory studios?

Yes. All students currently registered for individual lessons may practice in our studios free of charge during regular office hours. In fact, we encourage it. Simply phone or stop by the office to book a studio. Practice space is subject to availability, with most studios in use after 4:00 pm on weekdays and all day Saturday. If there is studio space available, students can practice on a drop-in basis as well.
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What are the other benefits of being a Conservatory student?

1: Students may borrow music or texts from the Conservatory Library for free. Please be sure to sign items out. Library hours are Monday to Thursday 4:30-9:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm.
2: Reduced fees on workshops, Master Classes, and other Conservatory events.
3: Annual scholarships and bursary opportunities.
4: Free or discounted tickets for numerous musical performances.
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Can I take lessons if I do not own an instrument?

Students should have an instrument to practice on at home in order to progress. We can refer you to local music stores that have rental/lease programs at very reasonable rates, some of which include delivery.

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How can private lessons help me if I sing in a garage band?

The Conservatory is inclusive of all styles of music. The foundation and skills learned by studying in a classical music setting translates to all other styles of music. Only by studying with a trained and experienced teacher can you learn how to avoid injuries, increase your musical stamina, and improve your technique, which makes playing in any group more enjoyable and rewarding.
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Does the Conservatory rent or sell instruments?

The Conservatory does not rent or sell instruments however local music stores have rental/lease programs at very reasonable rates, some of which include delivery.
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Does the Conservatory sell sheet music?

The Conservatory does not sell sheet music. We can refer you to local music stores that sell sheet music.
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Does the Conservatory accept donations of instruments and sheet music?

Yes. The Conservatory will accept music for the purposes of its student library and instruments for its instrument bank and outreach adopt-a-piano program. Please contact our Managing Director, NORINE HARTY, for more information.
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When can I take lessons?
(What are your hours of operation?)

The Conservatory is open Monday through Thursday 10:00am to 9:00pm, Friday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. These hours apply during our regular school term from September to June (excluding Winter Break and Spring Break). Summer hours are Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm.
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How many lessons do I have to sign up for?
(How long is the school term?)

The regular school term runs for 38 weeks from September until approximately the third week in June, although some teachers may choose to teach for a slightly different number of weeks. There are two breaks in the  academic year, Winter Break and Spring Break. These breaks roughly coincide with most public school breaks. There are no regularly scheduled lessons during these times. Summer session runs in July and August.
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Can I register for a few lessons?

The Conservatory believes that a full academic year of lessons provides the greatest benefit for the student. Students may register mid-way through the year or for a minimum number of lessons depending on faculty scheduling and availability.

The $50.00 registration fee is applicable to any new registration regardless of number of lessons.
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Are lessons tax deductible?

All Conservatory education programs are eligible for the Federal Children’s Arts Tax Credit .  Eligible registration fees include:

  • Individual instruction fees;
  • Group program fees; and
  • Summer Camp fees.

Tuition credits: The Canada Revenue Agency stipulates that tuition may be tax deductible if all the following requirements are met:

1: Students are sixteen years or older at December 31.
2: Course fees in any calendar year are more than $100.
3: The lessons develop the student’s skills in an occupation.

Eligible students can request a tuition receipt from the Conservatory at the time of registration.
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How do I register?

Students must register with the Conservatory office, either in person or, with a credit card, by phone. All registrations must include payment in full (either lump sum or instalments). Upon receipt of full payment a specific lesson day and time are reserved for the academic year.
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How much does Individual Instruction cost?

Instructor rates vary depending on the academic credentials and teaching experience of each instructor. 30 minute lessons range from $23 – $30 per lesson, 45 minutes from $34 to $45 per lesson and 60 minute lessons from $46 to $60 per lesson.

The Conservatory offers payment options to fit your budget, just contact Student Services for more information.

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What other fees apply?

A registration fee of $40 is applied to all individual instruction. All payment plans are subject to a 5% instalment fee. All tuition and fees are payable directly to the Conservatory office.
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Can I pay in instalments?

The Conservatory offers a range of instalment payment options. Group Class tuition less than $200 must be paid in full at time of registration; Group Class tuition over $200 can be paid in two equal instalments.

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What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard,American Express, cash, cheque, and Interac for full payment. Instalment payments may be made by post-dated cheques (payable to ‘MCMA’), credit card or pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account.

For Instalment plans, post-dated cheques must be dated for the first of each month. Credit card and pre-authorized withdrawal payments will be processed the first business day of each month.
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What if I miss a lesson?

Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons. We realize that extenuating circumstances sometimes necessitate the cancellation of a lesson, however, it is MCMA policy that refunds are not issued for lessons missed by the student. Due to the faculty’s full schedules, it is often not possible to make up missed lessons. In some case, your teacher may be able to reschedule your missed lesson, please check with your individual teacher.
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How do I let my teacher know that I’m going to miss a lesson?

If you are unable to attend a lesson, please notify the office in advance (as much notice as possible is appreciated). Outside of regular hours, please leave a message on our voice mail. It is checked regularly, and messages are promptly relayed to our teachers.
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What if my teacher misses a lesson?

Should your teacher be obliged to cancel a lesson, a make up lesson will be scheduled at a convenient time for both teacher and student. In some cases, your teacher may add time to the beginning or end of each lesson until the owed time is made up. If your teacher is unable to make up the lesson during the school year, you will be credited for the missed lesson.
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What if I need to stop lessons?

Should it be necessary to discontinue lessons, students must provide the office with four lesson weeks written notice for withdrawal from individual lessons.  Following the four-week period unused tuition will be refunded to the student, less applicable fees.
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Can I change teachers during the year?

At the Conservatory we realize that sometimes there are reasons why you may want to switch faculty members. Please contact Student Services who will work with you to find the best possible arrangement. Provided there is a suitable opening in another faculty member’s schedule you can change teachers during the year.
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Can I join a group class that has already begun?

Providing there is space in the class, some faculty members allow students to begin after the start date.
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Are refunds issued for group classes?

It is Conservatory policy not to issue refunds after the registration deadline (one week prior to the class start date). Refunds are issued prior to this deadline (note: a $25.00 administration fee will be withheld). If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your class please speak with us and we will work to resolve any issues.
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What if I must withdraw from group classes due to medical reasons?

The Conservatory office issues refunds to students for medical reasons. A legitimate medical note is required. There will be no administration fee charged for medical withdrawals.
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