Outreach: Music Equals Program

The MCMA launched its Music Equals Program in 2005-06 in order to make music accessible to those facing economic and social barriers. We are proud to build relationships in our community through the Music Equals program. Music Equals encompasses two focus area: music instruction opportunities for youth and bringing live performance to older adults in our community. Since 2005 Music Equals has changed the lives of close to 10,000 community members by providing music instruction where it otherwise would not exist and giving musical opportunity to those who would otherwise not have the chance.

What Our Partners Say

“The physically largest young boy in our school never felt like he fit in; he always walked with his head down and never made eye contact.  After participating in the Music Equals musical theatre program he now walks with his head held high.  He sees himself as an artist and someone who can accomplish things.”

“I would say the music has changed their lives it’s given them a voice. It’s given them a chance to express themselves, understand themselves and their own special gifts. We have kids who are totally motivated to come to school because of the music program.”

What the Students Say

“Music makes my feelings disappear and makes me feel calm and makes my soul free.”  

“I can express my emotions in a way I can’t with words.”

“I never knew I could play until I tried.”

“This class was awesome! The song makes me happy.  I like the words. It was my first time standing on a stage, and I was feeling kind of shy, but the song really helped me through it.  I want to perform on stage again and again!”    


What the Audience Says

“Many of the seniors do not have the means or transportation to attend concerts outside of their building so they appreciate musicians coming to them.  They like to hear students perform and feel good about supporting them.”

“The highlight of the performance was watching the residents with dementia and memory issues tapping their toes and rocking with the music and smiling and even singing along with songs they knew!”

Music Equals is changing lives through music!

To learn more about the Music Equals program and how you can support our musical community, contact Domanie at outreach@mcma.ca