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McKenna Ogg is a Certified Music Therapist (MTA) who completed her Bachelor of Music Therapy from Canadian Mennonite University. She loves supporting the growth and development of children, using ideas learned from working in daycares. She provides music therapy services and guitar lessons to people with various disabilities and older adults. McKenna values meeting people where they are at to promote individuality and creativity through music.

What Is Your Education And Experience?

I received my Bachelor of Music Therapy through Canadian Mennonite University and became accredited as a Music Therapist at the end of 2020. I was a voice major in university, studying classical voice as well as jazz and pop. I also took guitar and piano lessons. I have three and a half years experience working in daycares as a CCA and have been working as a music therapist and early childhood music teacher since graduating.

What Made You Decide To Study Music?

I decided to study music because of the impact music had on my own life as well as those around me. It always fascinated me just how many people had a deep passion for music no matter their age, culture, or life story. I wanted to learn more about how I could use music most effectively to support the lives of others.

How Are Your Lessons Unique?

Because I am coming from a music therapy lens, I have an understanding of developmental stages and how to adapt my music activities to best suit my students. I truly believe that music is for everyone! I also strongly value the interests of those in my classes and sessions and alter my lesson plans to best suit the participants. My hope is for everyone who participates to feel heard and grow their love of music.

What’s Your Favourite Part About Teaching?

My favourite part about teaching is watching my student’s excitement for music grow! It always warms my heart when a student nails a part of their favourite song for the first time, or requests to hear a song again because they had so much fun when we last sang it.

What Would You Say To Someone Who Is Interested In Studying Music?

I would say go for it! Understanding the technical side of music is tough work but deepens your appreciation for music to a new level. Learning music does not only grow your skill-set; most people find that their self-confidence, overall creativity, and community engagement grow alongside their musical abilities.

Tell Us About One Of Your Fondest Musical Memories.

One of my fondest musical memories is attending local concerts with my dad. I was always so inspired by how he supported local artists in following their dreams. Watching people from the same city as me collaborating and having so much fun on stage is still one of my favourite ways to enjoy music.