Jean van der Merwe

Jean Van der Merwe


Jean van der Merwe is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, where they obtained both an Undergraduate Degree, and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Music, Vocal Performance. Whether it’s their home-town of North Battleford, SK, or their new home in Winnipeg, MB, Jean takes pride in their prairie roots. Jean has performed on stages across Winnipeg, Saskatoon and beyond in shows such as Saskatoon Opera in Schools 2019 production of The Brothers Grimm (Jacob Grimm), Jacob Herd Productions’ award winning 2019 Fringe show The Cause (Jovan Musk) and The Village Conservatory of Musical Theatre & Keep Theatre’s 2020 production of Twelfth Night (Duke Orsino). Most recently, they performed in a (mostly) silent one-man clown show for One Trunk Theatre’s Knock Knock Ginger series. Jean’s love for music is only rivaled by their love for house-plants, of which they have way too many.

What is your education and experience?

B.Mus – Voice Performance, U of M; Post-Bacc Vocal Performance, U of M

What made you decide to study music?

I decided to study music because from the day I was born, I couldn’t stop singing. Singing and music bring me joy, comfort, laughter and even tears, all when I need it the most.

How are your lessons unique?

My lessons are unique because I will be offering a new take on some age-old puzzles.  The most important part of singing to me is telling a story and connecting to an audience, and I would be thrilled to help my students feel more comfortable when they get on stage.

What would you say to someone who is interested in studying music?

I say you should go for it! Singing is one of the best ways to express yourself, and you can do it anywhere and anytime. No matter your age, gender, height or hair colour, singing is for you!