Heitha Forsyth

Specializes In: Jazz, Contemporary, Country, Pop, R&B


Heitha Forsyth is a gifted vocalist who is a favourite of Winnipeg audiences. She performs many styles of music including jazz, world, r&b, soul, funk, rock and country. She has numerous notable performances with Winnipeg groups

including Steve Kirby’s Oceanic Jazz Orchestra, the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, the University of Manitoba Jazz Orchestra, the Ron Paley Big Band, Rocki Rolletti, The Retro Rhythm Review, The Solutions and her alias: up-and-coming country sensation “Sol James”. She has been a late-night headliner for the past five International Jazz Winnipeg Festivals as well as opening for Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra in 2008. A natural communicator in all styles, Heitha brings warmth and wit to the stage, enticing audiences with  repertoire that’s both familiar and fresh.


I can hear you reaching for the special raw place that makes music come from the soul…“  – Houston Person 2007