Dolores Tjart

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Dolores Tjart



Dolores grew up in Edmonton, AB and started her music lessons at an early age. She has been involved with singing and in performance since grade school. She has a rare mix of creative ability and pedagogy. She is a musician, actor, and instructor. She sees the potential of each person’s talents and has the ability to lead them towards growth and development. Dolores has studied extensively, taught music and voice for many years, and has performed in various languages and styles.

What is your education and experience?

I attended the University of Alberta and then Ambrose University graduating with a Bachelor of Sacred Music with a major in vocal performance. I have had a variety of musical experiences: vocal instructor, choral singer and director for both children and adults, soloist in various concert works, opera soloist and chorus, and in musical theatre. I am currently a member of the Winnipeg Philharmonic choir and the Manitoba Registered Music Association.

How Are Your Lessons Unique?

In my lessons, I take the time to listen and accurately determine where the student is at. I then enable each student to discover and develop the voice that is emerging. I have the ability to help the student become aware of how their whole body is engaged in the singing process. The result is a process that incorporates a lot of freedom and creativity.

What do you love about teaching?

I love teaching because there is so much joy when the student is able to let the voice they have out! Each person has a unique and special voice! I love being able to develop that very special voice with technique, skills, and musicianship.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking music lessons?

If you have a desire to take music lessons, go for it! It is most likely a desire that is part of who you are and it needs to be explored.