David Troya

Specializes In: Piano

Lessons available in English, Italian or Spanish


Ecuadorian pianist David Troya started his music instruction with his mother. During his adolescence he also studied with Armenian pianist Angela Artugnan, Bulgarian pianist Toshko Stoyanov, and Ecuadorian pianist Celia Zaldumbide.

He had the opportunity to finish his high school studies in the US through an exchange program. After this academic experience, he returned to Ecuador and completed a B.A. in business administration at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. While doing his business degree he also continued his piano instruction with Ecuadorian pedagogue Bertha Brito who greatly influenced his musical knowledge. By then, he had already given some recitals in his native Quito. In year 2002, David Troya moved to Pamplona (Spain) where his life as a musician took a crucial change. He studied for three years at Pablo Sarasate Conservatory under the instruction of Francesca Croccolino and Maite Ascunce. He performed as a chamber musician along with violinist Javier Armendariz at Bilbao’s newest venue Palacio Euskalduna in March 2003. After this duo won a second prize at Santander’s chamber music contest, they were invited to perform at Sabadell’s Fine Arts Academy. He also collaborated with Pablo Sarasate Symphony Orchestra.

In year 2005, David Troya moved to Italy where he studied with American pianist Steven Kramer in Rome and with Italian pianist and composer Luca Garbini in Terni. In this country, David Troya was sponsored by his embassy to perform a recital at the Palazzo della Santa Croce in Rome in March 2007.

In September 2007, David came to Canada thanks to a fellowship granted by Memorial University of Newfoundland, and studied with maestro Timothy Steeves, a very positive experience for his music career. He was also the accompanist for the opera workshop class at the University of Newfoundland, and during his last year of his Master in Piano Performance he was a teaching assistant for the chamber music class. David finished his degree in year 2009. He has given a few recitals in St. John’s and in June 2011 performed as a young artist at ScotiaFest in Halifax, one of the biggest festivals in Atlantic Canada.  He has also been a very enthusiastic piano teacher, and proof of that is that many of his students have succeeded at many festivals, exams, recitals, and competitions. He completed a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Performance at the University of Manitoba in May 2014.


Post-baccalaureate in Piano performance at U of M.

Master’s in Piano at Memorial University

Undergraduate Piano studies at Pablo Sarasate Conservatory (Pamplona, Spain)

Two year of piano studies in Rome with Luca Garbini and Stephen Kramer


Charles Horton, David Moroz, Timothy Steeves, Stephen Kramer, Luca Garbini, Francesca Croccolino, Maite Ascunce, Bertha Brito, Toshko Stoyanov, Celia Zaldumbide, Angela Artugnan

Career Highlights

Second Prize at Santander’s Chamber Music Competition, 2003, Spain

Recital at Bilbao’s newest venue Palacio Euskalduna (Spain) in 2003

Recital at Academia de Bellas Artes in Sabadell (Spain) in 2003

Recital at Palazzo della Santa Croce sponsored by the Ecuadorian Embassy in Rome (Italy) in spring 2007

Performer at Scotiafest’s Final Young Artist Concert in Halifax in summer 2012.