Caroline Bucher

Specializes In: Percussion/Drum Kit



Bachelor of Music from the University of Manitoba (2017), Master of Music from Duquesne University (2019), both in Percussion Performance.
What’s your fondest memory of music lessons as a child?
My fondest memory of music lessons as a child was when I finally got a chance to learn an entire piano concerto. With my teacher as my accompanist, I learned just how fun it was to collaborate with someone to make music at a higher level. It was a slow process, but I had steady support from my teacher and became quite proud of the end result.
Why do you love teaching?
I love teaching because getting the chance to share music by performing a piece is one thing. Giving someone else the opportunity to experience creating music of their own to share, is another. Especially when you can teach long term students, watching them grow and become more confident as musicians where they enjoy sharing their musical creations with others brings such a deep sense of fulfillment.
What’s your favourite part about teaching at the MCMA?
The MCMA has top notch facilities to hold lessons. Especially when it comes to percussion, there are so many instruments that you must learn, and often, you get stuck in a small room and are missing key instruments that are too large to fit in a small practice room. On top of that, you have to mute everything you do so as to not disturb the pianist in the room adjacent to your, or the neighbour’s dog. MCMA has a wonderful facility that holds all the main percussion instruments at once, and a wonderful faculty that don’t mind when lessons get a little loud every once and a while. There’s no holding back or delaying progress because the room isn’t set up in a way that can contain percussion lessons.
What would you say to someone who is interested in studying music?
Start now. Music is a wonderful tool for you to use, and the earlier you have access to it, the better. It can help you relax after a long day, vent some steam after a long day and even improve certain aspects of brain function like your memory.