AGES 12+

SUNDAYS | 2:00 – 4:00 PM | September 25 – April 30
COST: $600 OR $120/month  |  INSTRUCTOR: Phil Natividad | CLASSES: 24 weeks  |  Join anytime during the year!

Play well with others! Join the Ukestra  and be part of a unique opportunity to play parts of orchestrated pieces with other ukulele players! In the process, improve your timing and knowledge of music theory. Ukestra is inclusive and has parts for beginner, intermediate or advanced players. The season will consist of at least 7 performances.

It’s highly recommended and preferred that students have low G strings on their ukuleles.

**Classes can be paid either in full, or in installments (please see buttons below)**

Definition of Levels


  • Know most of chords in C, F and G chord families, some exposure to minor and 7th chords
  • Basic understanding of musical notation, tablature, chord charts
  • Eg. 4/4 and 3/4 time signature, note durations
  • Can strum to 4/4 and 3/4 time
  • Some fingerpicking and arpeggios

Intermediate (In addition to Base Level skills):

  • In addition to Base Level chords, knowledge of A, D, and Bb chord families, minor and 7th chords
  • Good understanding of musical notation, tablature, chord charts, close to sight reading
  • Can strum more than 4/4 and 3/4 time – on beat/off beat, exposure to syncopated rhythms
  • Can play some scales (C, F and pentatonic), pick some melodies

Advanced (In addition to Base and Intermediate Level skills)

  • All of the above and more…

Not sure what level you are at?  Send us an email and we will have the instructor contact you to assess your skill level.

It’s not too late to register! If you’d like to register at any point throughout the season, please call our office at (204) 988-7650 to register.