Safety Guidelines


Thank you for returning to MCMA for another year of music and learning! We are so looking forward to seeing you all once again.

As you all know, the safety and health of our students and faculty is at the top of our priority list for this fall, and in keeping with all provincial public health directives, we have created some safety guidelines that will be followed by all students, parents, faculty and staff entering our building this September.

Which disciplines will be taught in-person?

As of September 8, 2020, in person or virtual lessons will be available for piano, strings, guitar, and percussion. Voice, winds, and brass lessons will be available virtually only.

Some teachers have also opted to teach virtual lessons only, even if their discipline is available for in-person lessons, and we understand and support their decision. We are able to offer students the choice of participating in virtual or in-person (if available) lessons.

Will I be screened on the way in?

Everyone entering our building is asked to complete the COVID-19 Self Screening tool ahead of their music lesson. That tool can be found here.

Please stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick and self-isolating. Anyone displaying illness will be sent home. If you cannot attend in person, we can arrange a virtual lesson at your scheduled time so that you don’t miss your lesson.

Will I have to wear a mask?

Yes, as per guidelines set by the University of Winnipeg, face coverings are now required in campus buildings – including Bryce Hall. Please watch this short video on the appropriate mask procedure. If you should happen to forget your face mask, disposable masks will be available at the office for purchase ($1.00/each).

How do we get into the building?

When you get here, call the MCMA office at 204-988-7650 to be let in by our office staff. Students will be asked their name and the name of their instructor. Later in September, we will be issuing key cards to each student/family to gain access to the building. More details on this will follow.

Can I wait in the waiting room for the duration of my child’s lesson?

We request that parents drop off and pick up their children outside of the building if possible, rather than entering Bryce Hall. There is limited waiting space in our building and waiting areas will have capacities posted on the door to each waiting space. Of course, we understand that you may want to wait with younger children and will accommodate one parent waiting with the child(ren).

Where do I got when I get there?

Upon entering the building, students will follow signage and proceed up the staircase on their left. Once up the stairs, students are asked to wait in the socially-distanced spots that are designated by signage on the floor and wall outside of the studio hall door.

Students will wait outside of the studio hall door until their teacher emerges from the studio to let them in. If you want to sit in on the lesson, please ask the teacher when they come to get your child. Some studios may be large enough for three people, but many are not.

How do I exit the building?

After their lesson, the student will proceed out of the building down one of two staircases, as directed by their instructor. Students will proceed out of the building via the access door at the bottom of either the Chapel Staircase or the Main Staircase to the left (where they entered the building). Please follow all signage if you are unsure of where to go.

Will there be hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes available?

Of course! Hand sanitizer and wipes will be accessible in all studios, and floor markings will be present to encourage physical distancing during the lesson.

Will there be access to the washrooms?

Restrooms will be closed for public use, unless in case of an emergency. If you must use the restroom during your lesson, please come to the office for access to the facilities. The restroom upstairs and the restroom outside of the chapel will be locked.

What is the staff and faculty doing to remain safe and healthy?

MCMA staff will also adhere to an enhanced cleaning schedule of wiping down high-touch surfaces like doorknobs throughout our space and surfaces in the office, wearing masks at all times, and staying home when feeling sick.

If you have questions about MCMA operations, or regarding registration, please call or email the office before coming in person to make your inquiry. If you have any questions about our safety guidelines, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are here to help, and are striving to keep in-person contact to a minimum. Cashless payments are encouraged.


Thank you for your continued commitment to music education. We are looking forward to seeing you!