Youth Programs


Ages 5-7

TUESDAYS: 5:45 – 6:45  pm
COST: $240  |  INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Gallagher  |  CLASS LENGTH: 12 weeks

Beginning Strings is for students ages 5 – 7 who want to learn to play the violin.  The program begins with group classes to build strong technical foundations that will help the students progress faster when they begin private lessons. The class will also teach active listening and coordination skills as well as kinesthetic awareness. Students will receive recommendations to members of the MCMA violin faculty for private instruction upon completion of the group classes.

Fall Session begins October 1, 2019    REGISTRATION CLOSED

Winter Session begins February 4, 2020 REGISTRATION CLOSED


*For information on violin rentals, contact CROFT MUSIC.


Ages 4-6

Introducing young learners to music improves language, cognitive function, physical skills, encourages social skills and increases self-esteem.  The MCMA has developed an individual lesson program customized for early learners that will instill basic concepts in rhythm, pitch, and creative expression using games and fun activities.  Once the basics have been learned, students will be introduced to the instrument(s) of the family’s choice. The musical preparation work done in the early sessions will support the student’s success as they progress through their music education.


“The class is very good. Instructor is kind and very patient and enthusiastic to teach. I gain more interest to excel in music and participate in recitals and other programs that can boost my confidence in public.”


Ages 14+

MONDAYS: 2:00 – 3:00 pm |  INSTRUCTOR: Tatiana Friesen



For centuries, small groups of amateur and professional musicians have gathered together to perform classical music in intimate settings.  Playing with your colleagues in a chamber music trio or quartet is a wonderful way to explore, rehearse, create and perform chamber music. Now you can enjoy this musical art form for yourself and learn how it differs from playing solo or with a large group. Explore great repertoire in an ensemble setting while improving intonation, phrasing, dynamics and ensemble techniques. Open to all string players and piano players studying at Grade 3-5 RCM levels.


Fall Session begins October 21, 2019 REGISTRATION CLOSED

*No class on November 11 (Remembrance Day)

Winter Session begins February 3, 2020  REGISTRATION CLOSED 

*No class on February 17 (Louis Riel Day)


Ages 12+

COST: $100  |  INSTRUCTOR: Tatiana Friesen  |  CLASS LENGTH: 4 Weeks

Chamber music is described as “a musical conversation between friends” and a perfect opportunity for musicians to experience the collaborative nature of making music.  This program is designed to introduce musicians to the vast world of chamber music supported through 4 coaching sessions with our Chamber Music specialist, Tatiana Friesen.  We will match interested students to form a chamber music duo to explore repertoire selections, written by composers for your specific instrumentation.  The sessions will work toward preparing you to perform as a chamber duo at an MCMA recital.

The schedule for the coaching sessions will be set according to the preferred schedule of the musicians and the coach. Players will be matched according to their playing level.  Open to all instrumentalists playing at a minimum Grade 2 RCM level.

“This is an excellent course. I learned way more than I was expecting to and exactly the things that I was interested in learning. This is time and money very well spent. Phil is positive, personable and very talented. It is a very safe setting to try these skills. “


Age 14+

SUNDAYS: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
COST: $160 |  INSTRUCTOR: Phil Natividad

If ever there was an instrument quickly gaining popularity with modern audiences beyond the Folk music crowd–it’s hands-down the ukulele! The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts is excited to introduce Beginner Ukulele in our group programs roster, added by enormous popular demand! This hip and transportable instrument is perfect for anyone wanting to learn something new. Learning to play the ukulele is a great introduction into musical proficiency and literacy for first-timers. Taught by experienced ukulele instructor, Phil Natividad, students will pluck their way through the basics on the little instrument taking the musical world by storm.

Not sure which class you fit into? Give us a call at 204.988.7650, and we can set you up for an assessment with Phil to see which stream is best for you.

INSTRUMENT INFORMATION:  Soprano ukulele with a chromatic tuner.

Fall Session begins October 20, 2019 REGISTRATION CLOSED

Winter Session begins February 2, 2020 REGISTRATION CLOSED

Spring Session begins April 19, 2020 CANCELLED

“Phil is a fun and knowledgeable instructor. Lunchtime ukulele classes are the best part of my day!”


Ages 14+

SUNDAYS: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
COST: $160  |  INSTRUCTOR: Phil Natividad  |  CLASS LENGTH: 8 Weeks

Are you a graduate of Beginning the Ukulele or have you been playing for a few months on your own? If so, Continuing the Ukulele could be for you!  This class is designed for students who are familiar with various chord families (especially C, F, and G), whose strumming and chord changes are relatively fluid playing simple songs and have a basic understanding of how to read chord charts and tabs.  If this sounds like you, register today for Continuing the Ukulele where you will explore techniques like finger-picking, specialty strums, and continue to increase your chord vocabulary!

Not sure which class you fit into? Give us a call at 204.988.7650, and we can set you up for an assessment with Phil to see which stream is best for you.

INSTRUMENT INFORMATION:  Soprano ukulele with a clip-on Chromatic Tuner.

Fall Session begins October 20, 2019 REGISTRATION CLOSED

Winter Session begins February 2, 2020  REGISTRATION CLOSED

Spring Session begins April 19, 2020 CANCELLED


“The class taught very applicable information. The teacher was wonderful, easy to understand and very helpful.  She made learning theory fun!”


THURSDAYS: 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
COST: $280 (includes books)  |  INSTRUCTOR: Michele Beaumont  |  CLASS LENGTH: 12 Weeks

Theory is about music literacy. Theory classes give students the opportunity to read music, write music and understand music. Enrolling in theory class can free up time in your individual lesson to focus on skills specific to your instrument and makes learning your instrument easier!

Introduction to Music Theory is a group course designed for students who have little to no working knowledge of music theory.

Concepts covered in this course include pitch, rhythm, key recognition, scales, intervals, triads, transposition, melody writing, musical terms, analysis, guided listening.

Please note: All students registered for a group theory class at the MCMA will be pre-screened by our theory specialist for assessment, to ensure that you are registered in the class that is best suited to your needs!

Fall Session begins September 26, 2019 REGISTRATION CLOSED

Winter Session begins February 6, 2020 REGISTRATION CLOSED


Theory knowledge varies from student to student and is approached quite differently depending on the instrument being studied.  Therefore we recommend semi-private or private lessons to prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada theory examinations at any level. This allows our theory specialists to customize the material covered in the lessons to best suit the knowledge level of the student.

More individualized instruction results in increased comprehension and a strong foundation of theory knowledge to support the student in their examination and their future music studies.

If you are interested in preparing for an exam for RCM Levels 5 – 8, History or Harmony, or Conservatory Canada theory levels,  please EMAIL us today!