Music Equals Strings

The Music Equals Showcase Concert is generously presented by the following sponsors:

Music Equals Strings engages students by teaching them how to play the violin and includes proper hold and posture, basic melodies and rhythms, as well as basic music theory. All of the students in each class participate for the entirety of the class on a violin, learning repertoire that includes classical pieces and traditional fiddling tunes.

Students are encouraged to use the musical foundations they learn to explore the creativity and expressiveness of music – trying to compose simple tunes and using differnt rhythms.  Traditional fiddling tunes will make up the bulk of the repertoire learned, providing a connection for the students from the history of Canada’s Indigenous cultures to the contemporary music of today.

The instruments are provided by the host schools and are available to the students during the class as well as free periods or lunch hours for practicing. The students treasure their time with the instrument and you can often find them practicing pieces with their friends and encouraging one another.