Music Instruction for Adults


We get it. As an adult, it can be daunting to either pick up a new instrument or revisit an old one. Adult students have different needs, goals and learning experiences at all different music levels.

MCMA teachers have vast experience with adult students, tailoring the learning experience to each individual student. They will incorporate a vast array of repertoire choices to suit your interests and skill level and will use that repertoire to support strong technical foundations. Music enriches and enhances lives – learning how to play music is an important skill at any age, and at every stage.  Not to mention, playing music is fun!

That is why MCMA takes pride in matching adult students with the right teacher to meet their needs. Our free consultations allow students to meet with faculty before registering to ensure a good fit. You can request you free consultation HERE.

For more information on our individual lessons or to register, give us a call at 204-988-7650.