Music Equals Testimonials


“Something I do when I’m stressed is listen to music, and now I can play the songs that make me happy too.”

“We learn music so we can share it with our family and show Mom and Dad.”

“My mom is so happy that I am taking fiddle. She wants me to be the smartest I can be!”

“I can express my emotions in a way I can’t with words.”

“I never knew I could play until I tried.”


“Building relationships is important to helping the students feel safe to learn. When they trust the teacher, the level of engagement increases.”

“During a day of severe weather (snow storm) when many of the City’s events were shut down, the COTE Community Support Worker suggested to students that the music instructor may not make it to the program. However, they protested and began setting up instruments anyway, advocating for the importance of their program and saying that missing a session was not an option. The instructor ended up arriving and the program was facilitated as usual, but these are students who do not commonly raise their voices to advocate for their own programming and doing so was wonderfully unusual.”

“The music program has helped increase students’ confidence and connects them with the school because it’s something they enjoy participating in. The increase in attendance rates also increases their academic performance because they are receiving a consistent program on a daily basis.”


Once the singing started, the atmosphere completely transformed the group. It was actually quite remarkable how the music just grabbed their attention and even the most troublesome student who wasn’t taking anything seriously just immediately switched on and made a connection.”

“It’s awesome to see the parents and children encouraging one another. Sometimes, the child is able to master a skill before the child does, and then they will help their parent learn.”

“The kids aren’t gaining skills, they are gaining *superpowers*.”


Before today, I hadn’t seen my brother so lively and engaged in years. Thank you so much for bringing this to us, it was like he was his old self again. Please promise to come back!”

“During and after packing equipment, I was able to talk to some of them. While they weren’t boisterous during the show, they told me how much they enjoyed it, how the songs conjured up memories for them, and wanted to know when we’d be back. They invited me to their karaoke night!”

“They were engaged, receptive and several people were singing along to the pieces. One elderly lady said she was impressed that such a young girl (Avery) was performing pieces that she knew and sang as a young person too.”