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The mission and mandate of the MCMA is to provide accessibility and excellence in music education to the community. Music Equals develops and delivers programming accessible to everyone, regardless of skill, age, financial status, or geographic location. We focus on collaboration with the community, designing programs based on discussions with our partners to ensure the programs meet the needs of the community. Programs not only provide music opportunities, but also build social connections, enhance creativity and expression, and teach transferable skills that will support academics and quality of life.

Through diverse programming we provide access to opportunities that would not otherwise exist for our most vulnerable and at-risk populations. Music Equals brings music to our community through music education and live or pre-recorded music performances. We work within the existing structures of each population and offer high quality and innovative musical experiences that meet their unique goals. This includes making music, learning about music, and enjoying music as an audience member. Our partners include schools, community centres, and other non-profit organizations.

It is our hope that the programs we introduce to our community will inspire them to begin a lifelong musical journey and instill a love of learning that will translate to many other successes in their lives.

Music Equals is SO proud of our almost 2,000 participants this year. By taking the time to consider the unique interests and goals of each community we deliver Music Equals program to and developing programs that resonate with them, we were able to connect them to the arts, to each other, and to themselves. We are exited to share the Music Equals Showcase Video, giving you a window into the work are so grateful to be doing. Our goal is make the arts accessible for everyone wishing to take part! To find out more about how to get involved as a participant, program partner, instructor or volunteer, please email outreach@mcma.ca.

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Fiddling & Violin

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Indigenous Drumming

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Musical Theatre

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Rock Band

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Early Childhood


Music & Wellness

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Concert Series


What Does Music Look Like?

Want to learn more about Music Equals’ effect within the community? Visit our Community Impact Page for more information.


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To learn more about Music Equals programs, partnerships, or to become a partner, please contact our Program Coordinator, Domanie at outreach@mcma.ca.