Jennilee Martineau

Jennilee Martineau

Fiddling – Canadian, Metis, Scots-Irish

Jennilee Martineau was exposed to fiddling early in life, learning traditional Métis and old time tunes from her father. These tunes where learned by ear, in the tradition they had been passed down for generations, from the time of Jennilee’s great-great grandfather. Her keen interest in traditional music has taken her to many places to study and perform.

Being a descendant of Aboriginal peoples and early European pioneers, her music has become as interesting and diverse as her cultural background. Jennilee is a vibrant young performer, prolific composer, dedicated teacher, and must be heard recording artist. A sample of her unique style can be heard on her debut album, “Apparitions”, a showcase of Jennilee’s mastery of traditional pieces, along with a taste of her own compositions. Jennilee brings her unique blend of Celtic fiddling along with her long line of Métis ancestral fiddle heritage to stages at home and abroad.

She has studied traditional Scottish Fiddling from Ronan Martin at the Lews Castle College in the Scottish Hebrides, French Canadian Fiddling from Laura Risk in Montreal. Jennilee has attends various fiddle camps throughout the United States, Great Britain and Europe. These camps include, the Alasdair Fraser Scottish Fiddle Camp in Scotland. The Mark O’Connor String Camps in Boston, New York City, and Nashville, as well as the Harold Haugaard Fiddle School in Germany.

What is your education and experience?

The Higher National Certificate in Music Performance from Lews Castle College, Scotland and the Studio Recording and Post Production certificate from Recording Arts Canada, Montreal.