Introduction to Music Theory


Adults + youth ages 14+

THURSDAYS: 7:30 – 8:30 pm PM from October 1 – December 3
CLASS LENGTH: 10 weeks | COST: $240 (includes materials)| INSTRUCTOR: Michele Beaumont

This class will present the basic concepts of music theory: the treble and bass clefs, major and minor keys up to 2 sharps and 2 flats, the scales and primary triads in those keys, note values and their corresponding rests, music analysis and learning how to compose a simple harmonized melody using this knowledge. The class is delivered virtually through Zoom. Worksheets will be provided in PDF format and will need to be printed. No other books or materials are required.

This class is designed for students with NO prior theory knowledge. Upon completion you will have the skills to study the Level 5 RCM credit course.

Note: Spots are very limited, so register today to reserve your place!