Introduction to Music Theory


Adults + youth ages 16+

THURSDAYS: 6:30 – 7:30 pm PM | January 28 – February 18
COST: $90 | INSTRUCTOR: Michele Beaumont | CLASS LENGTH: 4 weeks

Theory can be daunting for any musician to dive into – but it doesn’t have to be. With this Introduction to Theory class, you can learn the basics of theory in a fun, supportive environment. No need for prerequisites – we begin with the basics.

The 4 week session will present the basic concepts of music theory: the  Musical Alphabet, the Grand Staff, basic rhythmic notation, simple time signatures, note placement on the staff, half steps, whole steps, sharps and flats, the major scales up to one sharp or one flat and the major chords in those keys.

If participants would so choose, they can opt into subsequent sessions that would cover: major and minor keys up to 3 sharps or 3 flats, the major and minor chords in those keys, intervals, rhythm, music analysis, melody writing and transposition.

The class is delivered virtually through Zoom. Worksheets will be provided in PDF format and will need to be printed. No other books or materials are required.