Introduction to Music Theory

“The class taught very applicable information. The teacher was wonderful, easy to understand and very helpful.  She made learning theory fun!”


THURSDAYS: 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
COST: $280 (includes books)  |  INSTRUCTOR: Michele Beaumont  |  CLASS LENGTH: 12 Weeks

Theory is about music literacy. Theory classes give students the opportunity to read music, write music and understand music. Enrolling in theory class can free up time in your individual lesson to focus on skills specific to your instrument and makes learning your instrument easier!

Introduction to Music Theory is a group course designed for students who have little to no working knowledge of music theory.

Concepts covered in this course include pitch, rhythm, key recognition, scales, intervals, triads, transposition, melody writing, musical terms, analysis, guided listening.

Please note: All students registered for a group theory class at the MCMA will be pre-screened by our theory specialist for assessment, to ensure that you are registered in the class that is best suited to your needs!

Fall Session begins September 26, 2019

Winter Session begins February 6, 2020