Sheena Rattai

Sheena Rattai

Vocals – Contemporary, Folk, Soul, R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Songwriting

Coming from a family steeped in music, Sheena’s early musical inclinations were encouraged and cultivated through years of classical piano lessons and voice training. She spent her school years performing in school musicals and talent shows and after graduating spent a year studying gospel music in Edmonton. Sheena’s early 20’s brought her to the Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba where she spent one year studying classical voice and two subsequent years in the U of M’s renown jazz program while she continued to build an underground reputation as the dynamic and powerhouse lead singer and front woman for Winnipeg funk band, The Solutions, and later her own eponymous R&B and soul band.

In 2011 Sheena found herself in the company of two Daniels in need of a singer for their budding folk project Red Moon Road. Six years, three more releases, hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and countless shows across seven countries later Red Moon Road, fronted by the unmistakeable sound of Sheena Rattai, is making waves in the Canadian folk scene. Sheena continues to write music and perform with Red Moon Road and many other local musicians.

Sheena is available for short term vocal coaching sessions according to her  touring schedule with Red Moon Road.