Shannon Gallagher

Specializes In: Viola, Violin


Shannon started her violin studies at the age of five in the Greater Toronto area.  After completing several years of violin studies she studied the viola under Chau Luk of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.  As her studies progressed in Hamilton, she joined the Mooredale Youth Orchestra (Toronto) and in 2012 the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.  Shannon went on to study viola performance and music pedagogy at York University in Toronto where she studied under Jacques Israelievitch, former concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  While at York she played in the symphony orchestra and was a part of several chamber music groups.  Before moving to Winnipeg, Shannon focused her studies under the tutelage of Ivan Ivanovich, member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as well as playing in large ensembles across the GTA.

Shannon operated a private studio for four years in Ontario and several of her students performed in the Kiwanis Music Festival and joined the Durham Youth Orchestra.  Shannon feels very strongly about helping her students build a strong musical foundation in order for them to have a lifelong enjoyment of music and a successful music career.