Nolan Powell

Nolan Powell

GUITAR – Classical, Electric, and Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Nolan Powell is a guitarist that uses his classical training to access all styles and genres of music. He is a competition winner at the local and National level and has been recognized as one of Manitoba’s finest classical guitar players. Nolan is noted for his work in solo and ensemble recitals, opera and choir productions, Western-Canadian concert tours, and session work with acts coming through Winnipeg including Il Divo in 2019.

What is your education and experience?

M.Mus, Classical Guitar & B.Ed, Music Education (University of Manitoba)

Tell us about one of your fondest musical memories

All of my fondest musical memories are related to the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been able to see – doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me! Music exists to connect us.

What made you decide to study music?

The decision seemed to be made for me when I first held a guitar in the sixth grade – I loved the potential for expressing emotion through music and wanted it to become more than just a hobby.

How are your lessons unique?

Understanding your personal interests and what moves you as a musician is what matters most to me. I am there to guide you and lend some of my knowledge as you improve as a player.

What’s your favourite part about teaching?

Sharing my passion for music with others and guiding them as they strengthen their own individual connection with the arts is my favourite part of teaching.

What would you say to someone who is interested in studying music?

Take note of what inspires you and set an end goal – then forget about it! The learning process and your growth over time will be the true reward and the skills you develop along the way will become transferable to many areas of your life.