Mavis Green

Specializes In: Early Childhood Music, Piano


Mavis Green has an honours Bachelor of Music Education degree from Brandon University in choral and elementary music education, ARCT level in both piano performance and piano pedagogy, and Level 3 Orff Certification from the University of Manitoba. Mavis has received Associate Diplomas from the Royal Conservatory in Piano Performance and Education, achieving the highest mark in Manitoba on her written pedagogy exam.

As a music educator, Mavis has taught at the International Music Camp for 6 years, and has been a proud member of the Manitoba Registered Music Teacher’s Association for 25 years. Passionate about music education, Mavis has achieved a Level 3 certification as an Orff Music for Children Specialist and has won the Gunild Keetman National Award.

We are thrilled to welcome Mavis to the MCMA Faculty as an Early Childhood Specialist!