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Jacob Herd


Jacob Herd is a versatile multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and teacher and an increasingly in-demand part of Winnipeg’s music scene. After graduating from Brandon University in 2016 with a B.Mus in Performance, Jacob moved back to Winnipeg and began performing as side musician with an array of Winnipeg artists and bands, including Freddy & The Fire Nation, Jace Bodner, Mark Reeves, Jeremie & The Delicious Hounds, and more. At home in any musical style, his performance credits include nearly every festival in Manitoba, including the Gimli Icelandic Festival, Winnipeg Jazz Festival, and Rockin’ The Fields in Minnedosa, as well as many of Winnipeg’s top live music destinations like The Toad, The Times Change(d), The Park Theatre and more.

Jacob’s clear passion and love of music informs his approach to teaching, and his eclectic experience makes him a versatile teacher. He has been teaching privately for over 10 years, including both piano and saxophone students, with students ranging from ages 5–40. Specializing in beginner and basic students, Jacob’s goal is to inspire a fundamental love for music and a curiosity about how it works, basing lessons around the specific interests and goals of the individual.