Alyssa Ramsay

Specializes In: Cello


Alyssa Ramsay embraced a love of classical music at an early age and began studying cello with Cameron Lowe. She received her Bachelor of Music at the University of Calgary studying with John Kadz, a Master of Music from l’Universite de Montreal with Johanne Perron, and an Artist Diploma at the Glenn Gould School in Toronto with Desmond Hoebig. A busy performing artist, Alyssa has performed as a soloist, as a member of the Crimson String Quartet and Shaw Street Collective, and as a per service cellist with the Toronto Symphony, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Alyssa provides her students with a holistic approach incorporating the teaching qualities she experienced through her own studies: a mix of Cameron Lowe’s unparalleled concept of sound and ability in guiding his students find the true essence of music, John Kadz’s incredible technical regiment which allows each student to be physically free to concentrate on the music, Johanne Perron’s artistry and finesse in musicality, and Desmond Hoebig’s detail-oriented examination of all the aspects of playing. Her teaching focuses on helping students use balanced body weight to create free, full, and gorgeous sound, unhampered by unnecessary tension. Then they are free to truly enjoy the music they create as they develop their own musical expression.

What Alyssa enjoys most about teaching is seeing the look on students’ faces when they realize that certain skills which were once outside of their reach are achievable. Seeing them progress and grow as musicians, meanwhile finding their own voice through music, is extremely rewarding. She wants to give her students the means to recognize beauty in sound, to become fearless in their pursuit of music, to go beyond what is written on the page, and, most of all, to experience the joy of music.

Alyssa is a certified Suzuki specialist and has taught in music schools in Western and Central Canada. Alyssa has recently relocated to Winnipeg and is looking forward to sharing musical journeys with her students at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts.