Alexsandros Tyborowski

Alexsandros Tyborowski

GUITAR – Classical, Jazz, Pop, Country, Folk, Rock, Metal, Composition, Music Theory

Lessons available in English or Polish

Alexsandros Tyborowski is an accomplished classical guitarist who graduated with a Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Manitoba’s classical guitar program in 2014. He is the winner of the Len Hew trophy and scholarship both in 2010 and 2014, as well as the Lieutenant Governor’s trophy in 2012 at the Winnipeg Music Festival. Alex has performed in master classes with internationally renowned classical guitarists, such as Roland Dyens, Marcin Dylla, and Fabio Zanon, to name a few. Alex has been a regular performer with the Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society, and has played at multiple local venues and across Canada with various groups. Alex presently spends much of his time teaching private music lessons, and is currently pursuing an education degree so that he can continue to share his passion for music with students of all ages.

What is your education and experience?

Bachelor of Music Performance in Classical Guitar (University of Manitoba)

Tell us about one of your fondest musical memories

It is always exciting when I meet a famous musician who has had an impact on me and having a conversation with them.

What made you decide to study music?

I started taking music lessons at a young age and my hunger for everything music grew from there until it completely took over my life.

How are your lessons unique?

I tailor all my lessons towards my students’ individual goals in a fun and engaging way. I also like to expose my students to different styles and ways of playing to shape them into well rounded musicians.

What’s your favourite part about teaching?

Being excited everyday that I am able to share my passion and knowledge with other people for a living.

What would you say to someone who is interested in studying music?

Do it! No one in history has ever said they regret taking music lessons, only that they regret NOT taking them!