Alanna Fast

Specializes In: Jazz Piano, Piano

Alanna Fast is a graduate of Brandon University, where she completed a Bachelor of Jazz Performance in 2013. She started studying classical piano as a child, and quickly began accompanying the school choirs, jazz ensembles, and musicals in high school. Alanna went on to study piano in university, starting with a classical focus and later switching to jazz in her second year of study.

Following graduation, Alanna moved back to Winnipeg Manitoba, where she currently teaches piano and works as a freelance musician, finding herself busy with multiple local projects. She is currently involved in groups including: Son Sabroson Band, Tropical 99 Latin Ensemble, Sean Irvine’s Oak and Alley Band, and Impressions Jazz Group. She also works as an accompanist throughout the city, accompanying multiple ensembles and choirs.

Alanna is excited to be teaching jazz piano at the MCMA!