Bouncing Beethovens

“My son is always BEAMING WITH JOY when he leaves music class. This class exceeds my expectation to foster enjoyment of music.”


Ages 1-2 years old (with parent)

SATURDAYS: 9:30 – 10:15 AM from October 17 – December 5
COST: $120 | INSTRUCTOR: McKenna Ogg | CLASS LENGTH: 8 Weeks

This class is delivered virtually through Zoom.

Discover new sounds and musical concepts in this engaging and playful class. With an emphasis on individual interests and developmental stages, you will connect with your child through songs, instrument playing, and storytime.

Musical activities such as back-and-forth vocal exchanges, movement to music, and rhythmic activities will encourage you and your child to explore their developing language and motor skills.

Students will be introduced to basic musical concepts such as fast/slow, repetition, and steady beats. Whether you already use music in your household or are just discovering it, this class is sure to bring joyful ideas for musical play.

NOTE: Spots in this class are extremely limited, so register today to reserve your place.