Baby Brahms


Ages 3-12 months (with parent)

WEDNESDAYS: 9:30 – 10:15 AM from October 7 – November 25
COST: $120 | INSTRUCTOR: Domanie Billinghurst-Schadek | CLASS LENGTH: 8 Weeks

Using the Suzuki Early Childhood education principles, this class strengthens the bond between parent and child as they explore sounds, rhythms, and movement.  We will use household items such as wooden spoons, spice shakers, cups, etc. to explore how sound relates to movement, high and low pitches, steady beats and rhythm.

The class will introduce and include English and additional languages using songs and counting. Learn how your baby learns and what they respond to, support their development of language and motor skills, and have the opportunity to connect with other new parents (even in a virtual setting) without having to disrupt your baby’s schedule.

Siblings under 3 are welcome to attend for a discounted price.

Sign up anytime and we’ll pro-rate the price for you (if space is available).