Registration information


Tuition for a full-year of individual instruction can be paid in one lump sum or installment payments. There will be a (non-refundable) installment fee of $50 for those who wish to pay via installments.

All tuition for individual/group lessons shall be paid in full or secured with a payment method 24h in advance of first scheduled lesson. Registrations are not confirmed and lessons will not begin until payment has been received/confirmed. All lessons/classes are weekly, unless otherwise specified.

A non-refundable annual registration fee of $50 is charged per student, or $100 per family. Students who choose to register for less than the full academic year must register for a block of minimum 10 lessons to reserve a specific lesson time in your teacher’s schedule. If you choose to register for additional blocks of lessons over the same academic year each registration will include a 10% Administration Fee (non-refundable).

Students facing financial barriers to enrolling in music lessons are invited to apply for the MCMA Music Equals Bursary Program. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Overdue installments, installments that are declined, and installments returned as “NSF” will be subject to a $40 fee, and lessons will be suspended.  It is solely your responsibility to ensure that installments are made.  Please notify the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts of any changes to your plan.


Tuition for all Group Classes must be paid in full at the time of registration.


No refunds will be issued or makeup lessons scheduled for lessons or classes missed by the student. You are reserving a specific time with a faculty member that is held for your convenience each week.

An exception will be made for medical reasons. The student must notify the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts of the illness or injury, and supply a doctor’s note within 14 days of notification.

Lessons missed by reason of teacher absence will be made-up or credited.


Individual lessons: Four lesson weeks written notice must be provided for withdrawal from individual lessons. Tuition is payable for the duration of the four-week period whether the student attends the classes or not. A form is available from Student Services for the student or parent(s) to fill out as notice of withdrawal. Registration and installment fees are non-refundable. Non-Attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal. Written notice MUST be submitted. 

Group Classes: Refunds will only be issued if a student withdraws with written notice a minimum of 7 days before of the class start date. No refunds will be issued after the class start date. Group classes are dependent on achieving minimum enrollment or the class may be cancelled. If the class is cancelled, the student will receive a full refund.

There are no refunds for workshops or masterclasses.


We want to help you find the best student/teacher combination to ensure the best learning experience possible. A two week trial period is offered when a new student begins individual lessons at the Conservatory. During this trial period, the student can request to be transferred to another teacher or withdraw from lessons without providing four weeks notice. Every attempt will be made to find the best student/teacher match.

Notice of transfer or withdrawal within this trial period must be given in writing at least 48 hours before the next scheduled lesson. This right can be exercised only once per registered individual in any academic year.


We are proud to say that many of our students come to us through word-of-mouth recommendations from our students. We value those recommendations and want to say THANK YOU!

For every new student you referer who registers for a year’s worth of individual lessons, you will get a $50 credit toward your tuition.

How it works:

  • Applies to new students who register for a full year of individual lessons (not group classes)
  • A sibling of a current student who registers as a new student is an eligible referral
  • There are no limits to the amount of referrals for which you can receive a credit
  • New students must note “referred by…” at the time of registration
  • Tuition credits apply to the current academic year
  • Tuition is not redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred over to the next academic year

The MCMA recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information collected about our students. This information is collected voluntarily and is used to process registration and fees, to administer classes, and to allow the MCMA to provide notice of upcoming events and programs. We do not collect, use or disclose personal information about our students without consent. We will not sell our student information to other organizations.