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Mission Statement

Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts motivates and supports Manitobans to achieve their music education goals through:

• Reaching for Excellence
• Opening Doors to Music
• Building Community

President’s Message

Since opening our doors in 1984, the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts’ mandate has been to bring the joy of music to all Manitobans. Now in our 34th year and well established in our new downtown home in the University of Winnipeg’s Bryce Hall, we are better equipped than ever to continue teaching excellence. We offer a variety of quality music programs on site, tailored to individual needs.

We are more than just a music school. We are also a non-profit community arts organization and through our Music Equals outreach program music instruction is made accessible in inner city schools and community centres to youth and live music performance is shared with older adults in their residences. We strive to build a musical community, partnering with community groups, and exploring new opportunities is music education and programming. Explore our fresh new website or drop in personally to share in the joy of music.

<p”>Gaetan Salmon — President, Board of Directors

We Are Music!

The Conservatory embraces and nurtures the musical spirit of toddlers, beginners, dabblers, amateurs, aspiring and working professionals and those who just love to listen. We welcome all music lovers to our inspirational community.

More than a music school, we stand as Manitoba’s premier independent institution; one that is dedicated to a higher level of musical learning.

Come play with us!


It has been proven that students flourish in environments where shared values and common interest gives them a sense of community.

This concept works at Juilliard, MIT, and the London School of Economics. And since 1984, when the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts (MCMA) was founded by a group of musicians, it has worked in Winnipeg.


A Community of Musicians

Not only was the MCMA founded by musicians, it remains a community of musicians, for musicians, by musicians. That’s what sets us apart; the passion, discipline, joy and camaraderie that come from our instructors, students and staff – all of whom are all infused with the sheer love of music.


Our Instructors are Musicians, Too!

We know that passion alone is not enough. That’s why every one of our 70+ instructors is highly qualified to teach music. A majority holds Bachelor Degrees; many possess Masters Degrees and some have earned Doctorate Degrees.

Our instructors consider themselves musician/teachers — professional musicians who teach. Their passion is undeniable and they bring that enthusiasm to every lesson and ensemble.

So what does that make the Conservatory? Is it a place for academics? Or is it a community of passionate, like-minded individuals who love music? The fact is, it’s both! While history and theory are the bones of the musical discipline and part of every course taught at the MCMA, we truly believe that learning is easier when the heart leads and the passion is deep.


Engaging Modern Students

Today’s students have a lot of options. The Conservatory’s high achievement rate is the result of a professional faculty that engages students in a facility designed to build musical focus and community.

As part of our musical community, students are encouraged to drop in anytime to practice or jam in any open room. Just try to call ahead, because even though we have 12 of those rooms they may all be in use.


Drop By!

The Conservatory is located at the University of Winnipeg in Bryce Hall, 515 Portage Avenue. It’s accessible from all over the city by transit and car and has lots of public parking nearby. With more than 20 pianos and keyboards, 12 studios plus performance halls, it’s the musical hub that 1,200 registrations and over 70 faculty members call home.