Welcome to our new faculty member, Jacob Herd!

Portrait of Jacob Herd

Welcome to our new faculty member, Jacob Herd!

The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts is pleased to announce a recent addition to our faculty, Jacob Herd! Jacob is a versatile multi-instrumentalist performer, composer and teacher and an increasingly in-demand part of Winnipeg’s music scene. At home in any musical style, his performance credits include nearly every festival in Manitoba. Jacob’s clear passion and love of music informs his approach to teaching, and his eclectic experience makes him a versatile teacher. Specializing in beginner piano students, Jacob’s goal is to inspire a fundamental love for music and a curiosity about how it works, basing lessons around the specific interests and goals of the individual. You can learn more about Jacob by clicking here. Registration is now open for private piano lessons with Jacob-call (204) 988-7650 to book your free consultation today!

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