Introduction to Instruments

Child playing an xylophone.

Introduction to Instruments

Wondering what age your child can start private lessons? Or what instrument they might like? Are you unsure if they are ready to make the transition from early childhood classes to an instrument? 

Introduction to Instruments can help you answer those questions! So many times children fall in love with music classes as babies, toddlers, or preschoolers and then we think they must wait to choose an individual discipline-but many kids are ready as young as 4 years old! This four week group class will introduce your child aged 4 and up to violin/viola, piano, ukulele, and voice with demonstrations, exploration, and some fun activities to determine what they might be interested in as they continue their musical journeys.  

Beginning private lessons at a young age continues to develop musical awareness, fine motor skills specific to the instrument, their sense of pitch and rhythm, and ability to read music. This class is intended to give a clear path into the next stages of musical development while allowing the child’s interest to guide our decisions. 

If you have been curious as to what the next step is for your child, then Introduction to Instruments might be a great fit for you.  

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