MCMA Wine Raffle!

MCMA Wine Raffle!

It’s that time of year again – the MCMA Wine Raffle is here! This is a great way to support the MCMA all while getting the chance to win one of our amazing prizes:

1st Prize – 25 bottles of wine
2nd Prize – 15 bottles of wine
3rd Prize – 10 bottles of wine

The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts is committed to providing quality music education to students of ALL ages, and ALL stages.

The MCMA motivates and supports Manitobans to achieve their music education goals through Reaching for Excellence, Opening Doors to Music, and Building Community. The vision for the future of music education is supported by people like you, who recognize the value that music offers to the community.

Don’t miss out – The raffle draw takes place on February 9th 2022!

To buy your tickets and support the MCMA, click the button below.

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