Recitals – What You Need to Know

Recitals – What You Need to Know

This year, recitals at MCMA are still going strong. For the first few recitals, we will most likely continue online, but will update as soon as we can return to in-person.  Last year’s online recitals were so much fun and we want to keep showcasing all our students’ hard work!


How do I sign up?

  • To sign up to play in the recital, please consult with your teacher and ask them to sign you up! Each student may prepare one piece per recital.


What do I need to participate?

  • You will need a device connected to the internet (an ethernet connection is recommended, but if you only have WiFi, please turn off any other devices using internet in your home for OPTIMUM bandwidth). If you have access to an external microphone, this is also recommended.
  • Please plan to perform in an area of your home with good internet connection, and good lighting!
  • We will be running the recitals on the Zoom platform (download the app HERE). If you are new to using Zoom, check out the video tutorials HERE.
  • If you are using recorded accompaniment for your performance, please play it on a device separate from that being used to stream your performance. This will help with the audio quality.


How do I adjust my audio settings on Zoom?

  • Zoom has just introduced their new HiFi audio settings in the newest version of the Zoom app. Please make sure you have downloaded/updated the latest version of Zoom so that this audio setting is available to you. A great step-by-step tutorial of how to adjust this setting is available HERE. This will be helpful during Zoom lessons, too!


Who can I invite to watch?

  • After you sign up, the Zoom link to the recital will be sent out to the students and their teachers. Please feel free to pass it along to your grandparents, extended family, and friends near and far! A great added benefit of virtual recitals is that you can invite family members from anywhere in the world to see your performance! The recital will be recorded, so if your loved ones can’t tune in live, we can send a link to them the week following the recital.
  • All participating students will also receive a PDF version of the Recital Programme, so feel free to share this with friends and family as well!


Sound Check

  • Once you’ve been signed up for the recital, MCMA Staff will send you an invitation to the Recital itself, as well as a separate invitation to a Sound Check time. This is an opportunity for the student to set up their device in an optimal location, as well as the chance to test sound levels, and troubleshoot any technology issues that may arise. This Sound Check time will be 3-5 minutes long, so please be on time!


Zoom Etiquette

  • When signing in to the Zoom Recital, please ensure your microphone is muted. Our recital facilitator will un-mute you when it’s your turn to play, so you don’t have to touch any buttons!
  • Instead of applauding, perhaps create a sign that says “Great Job!”, or “Well Played!” and hold it up to the camera following a performance. There is also a chat function in Zoom that you can use to send your well-wishes to a student.
  • Since our first recital is the weekend before Halloween, feel free to dress up in your favourite costume, decorate your performance space to look a little on the spooky side. There will be a prize for best costume!


If you have any further questions regarding the Virtual Recitals at MCMA this year, please send an email to info@mcma.ca.

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