Music Builds Confidence!

Music Builds Confidence!

Music is such an important learning tool that empowers both musician and listener. Learning music allows students to:

🎶       Develop and enhance social skills

🎶      Instill discipline through practice and performance

🎶       Build collaborative skills through teamwork

Learning a musical instrument and/or taking voice lessons gives students the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone to try something new.

Musical expression can be a great way for students to gain confidence, encouraging them to use their own voices in various social settings.

Through regular practice, students can track their personal musical development and learn how to set and attain goals.  This also helps students learn that mistakes, although at times discouraging, are normal and part of any creative process.

Group musical classes and collaborative orchestral/choral classes are a great way for students to learn how to work as a team, creating beautiful music in collaborative settings.

Confidence is built, and music can supply great building blocks for any music student!

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