Music Appreciation Classes

Music Appreciation Classes


Music Appreciation is an important part of music education. Through music appreciation, students get a deeper understanding of the stories, styles and history behind some of their favourite music. Not to mention – it’s a great excuse to listen to the songs that make your cry, laugh and head bop like no others!

Our Music Appreciation classes cover a broad spectrum of styles and genres – everything from classical melodies to modern masterpieces. We’ve got rock ‘n’ roll for the soul, choral pieces that will make your heart soar, and music from all around the globe.

Music appreciation classes are also a great way to keep in touch with a community of music lovers. You can meet new people or invite friends to join in on the fun from anywhere! These classes involve discussion, learning and a whole lot of beautiful music.

Find a topic that interests you! There are so many to choose from. Find the right Music Appreciation Class for you HERE.

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