Community Player Award Winners

Community Player Award Winners

We now have a winner for this year’s Community Player Award, and there’s more than one! These musicians do so much for our community, and we wanted to recognize three.

The winner is Keeley Braunstein-Black! We are also giving Avery and Madeline Penner honourable mentions for their incredible work.

Keeley Braunstein-Black


Keely studies voice with Sarah Cory and ukulele with Phil Natividad. She continues to do incredible volunteer work with our Music Equals program through mentorship and performance, Big Brothers Big Sisters, West End Cultural Centre for over 10 years, CKUW 95.9 FM and Manitoba Music.

She is truly a student of music as a whole. Violin, sax and flute are instruments she’s studied in the past.

At 18, Keely lost her hearing and after multiple surgeries, she was unable to play. She’s worked hard to be able to play music again, and we are SO proud of her.

Avery Penner

Honourable Mention

Avery studies piano with Alina Havrylyuk and ukulele with Phil Natividad here at the MCMA. While studying with us, she’s shown her commitment to the community by performing in our Music Equals Intergenerational Concert series and with Phil Natividad at the Manitoba Museum Nonsuch Gallery.

At school, Avery is an active member in extra-curricular activities. She volunteers where she can and always helps to set up and tear down at concerts. She is also part of the Leadership Team at school where she collaborates with peers to plan school dances, assemblies and charity events.

Musically at school, Avery plays oboe and piano in Jazz Band, a variety of percussion instruments in the Percussion Ensemble, plays oboe in the River East Collegiate Wind Ensemble and successfully auditioned for the MBA’s Junior Honour Band in Grade 6.

Madeline Penner

Honourable Mention

Madeline studies piano with Alina Havrylyuk.

In the MCMA community, she has performed in Music Equals Intergenerational Concert series and initiates collaborations with the faculty member during those concerts.

At school, Madeline studies oboe, plays in the Grade 10 Concert Band, the Grade 9-12 Jazz Band, the Grade 9-12 Chamber Orchestra, the River East Collegiate Jazz Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble and the Grade 9-12 Choir. Impressive, right? On top of all that,  she’s also been a part of the Winnipeg Youth Wind Ensemble for 2 years and was selected first chair oboe for the Manitoba Junior, Intermediate and Senior Honour Bands for the last 4 years. If that still wasn’t enough, this year she started studying alto saxophone and is currently first chair alto saxophone in the REC Jazz Orchestra.

We’re not done yet! Madeline has composed and publicly performed several pieces of music for oboe and piano and oboe and clarinet. In summer of 2020, she was selected to participate in the GroundSwell Pressure Waves Program for young composers.

Madeline consistently acts as a mentor to younger students both within and beyond the River East Collegiate programming.

The Community Player Award recognizes individuals for their commitment and contributions to the music community as a whole. This scholarship is open to all MCMA students who are currently enrolled in any MCMA or Music Equals program. The successful candidate must demonstrate a clear commitment to volunteerism, music education, and consider music a priority in his or her life. Applicants should describe their volunteer work in the music community, dedication to multiple instruments or disciplines, regular attendance at music events, self-directed initiatives in lessons (extra practice, compositions, arrangements) and collaboration with peers.

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