4 benefits of taking virtual music lessons

4 benefits of taking virtual music lessons

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us transition to virtual lessons where students can learn their instrument from the comfort and safety of home, and we are seeing some major benefits!

Keeping up with a routine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, days mix start to blur and mix together – especially with soccer, dance, and school cancelled. With a weekly lesson, you have something to look forward to every week, which will give you back a little bit of that sense of having a routine.

Saving time on your commute

The commute from your couch to your dining room table is much shorter than if you were taking lessons in person! We love the fact that you can learn and work on your skills from the comfort of your home during the pandemic. That shorter commute also makes for more options for lessons times.

Having a personal connection while social distancing

We certainly miss seeing all your faces in our studios, but we’re grateful that we can continue to connect virtually. In a time when social distancing is so important, but we all miss that human interaction, virtual lessons is a way you can have it both ways.

Taking lessons wherever you are

Since you only need a device and an internet connection to have your lesson, you can do the lesson from wherever you find yourself. If you’re going to the lake for the weekend, take your instrument with you and have a little cabin lesson!

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