MCMA tote bags

Woman carrying an MCMA tote bag.

MCMA tote bags

Do you ever wish that you had a dedicated tote bag to bring everything needed for your lesson along with you? The MCMA can help with that!

MCMA tote bags

Students who study music often have a lot of things to remember for their lessons – binders of repertoire, sight-reading practice material, theory workbooks, pencils, metronomes, guitar picks, extra reeds, foot-stools, post-its, hi-lighters, recording devices, etc. etc.


MCMA student, Chloe, holding an MCMA tote bag.
Our student, Chloe was the one who had the idea for the tote bag, so we gifted her with the very first one. Thank you, Chloe!

Introducing our new MCMA-branded tote bags! Available for purchase in the Student Services office for just $15; you won’t have to worry about forgetting items for your lesson – just throw them in your bag, and you’ll be ready to go! Each canvas tote is the perfect size for a few music books and has a handy front pocket for smaller items. Get yours today!

All proceeds from the MCMA tote bags will help better the lives of kids in Winnipeg’s inner-city through the Music Equals program.

The MCMA launched its Music Equals Program in 2005-06 in order to make music accessible to those facing economic and social barriers. We are proud to build relationships in our community through the Music Equals program. Music Equals encompasses two focus area: music instruction opportunities for youth and bringing live performance to older adults in our community. Since 2005 Music Equals has changed the lives of close to 10,000 community members by providing music instruction where it otherwise would not exist and giving musical opportunity to those who would otherwise not have the chance.

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