Vocal coaching for auditions and shows

Vocal coaching for auditions and shows

Do you have an audition or a big gig around the corner? Sign up for coachings with any of our esteemed voice faculty members to help you prepare!

Whether you are an expert singer or a budding performer, auditions can often feel intimidating and unnatural. But what if they didn’t have to? In private coaching sessions, our skilled faculty will work with you to ensure that you are giving a captivating, authentic, and dramatically convincing performance from start to finish.

With their vast performance and audition experience, they will share their insights into the audition process so that when you enter the audition room, you enter with confidence, ready to give the best performance possible.

Successful performers use their emotions to generate their best performances, you can too!

Need a little technical help? Our qualified instructors can also lend you their technical ear to make sure that for your next concert your voice is technically lined up and supported so that your vocal prowess will blow everyone away.

From Rainbow Stage and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre auditions to classical concerts or coffeehouse gigs, register for a coaching today so that you are ready to put your best foot forward at your next performance!

Coachings at the MCMA are available on any instrument, so whether you play the piano or the piccolo, we have an instructor for you. Request your free consultation with one of our highly-qualified instructors.

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