Monthly Donations

Monthly Donation Opportunity



rhiannonWhen you become a member of our monthly giving program, you are helping build a strong community. You will be providing music opportunities to children who face social and economic barriers to music education. Don’t miss the opportunity to show these children that you believe in them and their abilities.

Every dollar you give helps support confidence, creativity and self-empowerment through music. Becoming a monthly donor will help us reduce our administrative costs and provide sustainability to music programming for over 300 students in the most under-served segments of our community. Choose a monthly gift amount that works for your budget — small monthly donations add up quickly and go to work immediately.

You can contribute monthly donations through electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account or by credit card. Complete the Monthly Donation Form and send by fax to 204-947-3853 or email If you would like more information on monthly donations, please contact Norine Harty, Executive Director at