Imagine a community where children turn to music as an outlet for the stresses of poverty, violence or disability.

You can make it happen!


Picture 112The MCMA Inner City Music Outreach Program is at the heart of the Conservatory’s dedication to providing musical opportunities for youth around the city of Winnipeg who may not otherwise have access to music classes.

The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts (MCMA) believes in the social value of music and wants to share the quality-of-life and community-building that comes from having music in our lives. We invite you to help us give back to the local community and encourage the potential of our city’s youth through our Sponsorship Program.

Your sponsorship to the MCMA will help facilitate Outreach programs to over 300 of Winnipeg’s inner city students, fund scholarships and bursaries, replace old instruments, and help out with the behind the scenes admin duties that support our students. Our Outreach programs are actively changing the lives of young people facing day-to-day struggles at home and at school, and by providing a sponsorship to the MCMA you will demonstrate your belief in the students and their abilities, encourage their efforts, and showcase your reputation as a leader in community development and support. By providing the opportunity to learn an instrument in elementary school, the program will provide a solid foundation in musical literacy and foster musical interest which will hopefully encourage participation in band programs as these students enter Junior High and High School.  Participation in music program has been proven to reduce school drop outs, increase grades and lower crime levels. Music can be a positive healthy choice for students who are faced with harsh alternatives.

You can choose your level of sponsorship from the suggestions listed or we can help you create a sponsorship opportunity that is the perfect fit for your organization and budget.  Please contact Norine Harty, Executive Director, 204-988-7653 or by email director@mcma.ca  to discuss your interest in building a musical community through sponsorship.


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