How We’re Different

Our instruments are no better. Our ceilings are no higher. Our lights are no brighter. But the Conservatory is different.


It starts with our leadership – past and present. We pursue a vision first created by the Manitoba musicians who established the Conservatory 30 years ago — a community of musicians for musicians by musicians.


The difference continues with our Faculty. We hold them to a higher technical standard. We audition them as musicians every three years. We evaluate them as teachers every year. And — we hold them up to a higher community standard. We look for personalities with values compatible to those of the Conservatory. We look for musician/teachers who see themselves as nurturing Manitoba’s musical future. And we look for people who are passionate about inspiring musical expression in others. Frankly, inspiration is more motivating, friends are fun, and we can all achieve more on our journey if we do it together.


The next layer of difference is walking in our halls. Look around. You’ll see every corner of the world represented. You’ll see every level of skill and experience. Yet — here in this multicultural city — they’re all communing in the language of music. Our standards are high for those who come here to teach and learn. Our standards are even higher for those who come here simply to revel in the spirit of a musical environment.


Lastly, the Conservatory is different because of the parents and family behind our students. As much as a love of music, they understand the life-long values that come from musical engagement. Improved learning ability, communications, friendships, social interaction and strong core values. Plus, music is a channel for energy, personal definition and expression and thus, an avenue to earned happiness.

Leadership • Faculty • Students • Family
Together we are a community that both values a passion for music,
and appreciates the rewards that come from the discipline
it takes to achieve it.