Conservatory & Community

There’s a reason why companies like Apple have all their top talent in one place — so people of different disciplines can rub shoulders, exchange ideas, challenge influence and inspire each other. Safely. People belong. And because of that, there’s synergy, energy — things happen — and people end up achieving much more than the sum of their individual parts.

Look around the Conservatory. You’ll see individuals as varied and colourful as the music they share. Young and old, Beginner and Pro. Jazz and Classical. Rock and Celtic. They all belong here. Because music is the tide that raises all of our boats.

Come out of a lesson — and you’re home. Waiting in the halls, comparing guitars — and you’re home. Who’s your teacher? What was that chord? Wanna jam? — you’re home, among friends.

This is your place. Your community. That’s the magic that happens here.