Sarah Freeborn — Violin

Specializes In:

Violin, individual instruction


After an initial exploration of music through singing and piano, Sarah discovered the violin at the age of eight. While growing up in northwest British Columbia she was a regular performer and teacher and performed in local and provincial music festivals and music camps. In 2010, she moved to Winnipeg to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Honours) at the University of Manitoba. Her musical passions centre around the rich and varied classical tradition of solo violin, chamber and orchestral music, and she loves to explore the musical language and sounds of historical periods. Her interest in geography compliments her musical interests and she enjoys being astonished by the incredible musical traditions of different cultures and countries. In her spare time she can be found reading about ethnomusicology. Music is also a wonderful eompliment to her favourite haunt, the farmers market, where she can often be found busking.

Education and Training

Sarah studied for many years with Mary Sokol Brown, a long time first violinist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and one of the foremost violinists in Vancouver. While completing her Geography degree she studied with Dr. Oleg Pokhanovski, played first violin with the University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra, and took courses through the faculty of music.

Career Highlights

While living in BC, Sarah jointly organized and performed two collaborative recitals and since moving to Winnipeg has been active in the music scene.  She has performed collaboratively in various chamber groups and orchestras, including Chamber Orchestra Musaic.  She has also performed as an extra violinist in student recitals, including an opera performance.  She is very excited to share her love of music with her students at the Conservatory

In her other life, Sarah enjoys writing, knitting, canoeing, making traditional Inuit moccasins and mittens, building igloos, and birding.

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