Theory is about music literacy. Theory classes give students the opportunity to read music, write music and understand music. Enrolling in theory class can free up time in your individual lesson to focus on skills specific to your instrument and makes learning your instrument easier!

At this time, individual lessons are recommended to complete your RCM Level 6 Exam Prep, after which you will be prepared to write the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 6 Theory exam, a co-requisite for the Grade 6 RCM Practical Certificate. To take this course, students must have previously completed the RCM Level 5 Exam Prep courseor have a working knowledge of concepts covered in RCM Levels 1-5 (including notation, time signatures, key signatures, intervals, transposition).

Not sure if this is the right class for you? Not to worry! All students registering for a theory class at the MCMA will be given a free consultation with our theory specialist for assessment, to ensure that you are registered in the class that is best suited to your needs!

Please contact us and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our theory specialists, Michele Beaumont or Bertha Elias to get you started!


Concepts covered in RCM Level 6 Exam Prep:

  • Pitch & Notation (incl. Double Sharps & Double Flats)
  • Transposition
  • Rhythm & Meter
  • Intervals & Enharmonic Equivalents
  • Chords & Harmony (incl. Chord Inversions, Dominant 7ths & Cadences)
  • Scales (incl. Enharmonic Equivalents, Relative & Parallel keys)
  • Melody & Composition
  • Form & Analysis
  • Musical Terms & Signs
  • Guided Music Listening (incl. Introduction to Musical Styles of the Baroque & Classical Eras)

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