Lindsey White – Songwriting, Music Equals

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Rock, Folk, Song writing

Photo by Annick Mabon


Lindsey White enjoys writing and recording new music, performing live on her own or with her band and spending time working with Winnipeg’s creative youth. She has co-ordinated and facilitated a number of new music programs (including “Tune In” at The West End Cultural Centre and the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s “Musical Mentors Program”) and has written dozens of songs with many talented young people. She is always looking for new ways to make music more accessible and bridge gaps where artistic programming may not be readily available. Her “Play and Sing” Programming has been well received at several educational centres, at Rossbrook House and Children of the Earth High School, where another new music program was born in 2012.
White uses the piano and guitar to craft songs, but also plays the flute and violin. She has released two albums: “What’s New.” (2005) and “This is Now.” (2007) with several singles and other studio recordings following. Her music has been called “groovy folk-rock” and been showcased on stages all over western Canada and various festivals throughout Manitoba. Her forthcoming full length album is being produced by Mitch Dorge (drums) along with local musicians, Alasdair Dunlop (bass) and Joe Curtis (guitar).

She believes that the creative spark exists in everyone and loves to help others discover their inspiration.



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