Board of Directors’ Community Player Award

Applications for the 2018 Board of Directors’ Community Player Award are now available!

DSC_3648*This award is open to all MCMA students that are currently enrolled in our individual instruction or Music Equals programs.*


Selection process:  This award does not have an audition process. Instead, students will be evaluated on the basis of reference letters submitted with their application. There is no fee to submit an application.


One successful applicant will receive a monetary award of $500.00 in the form of a MCMA tuition waiver or a musical instrument credit (at a local music store). The winner will be announced on May 4 and is asked to accept their award at the scholarship concert in Convocation Hall on May 27, 2018.

Application and letters must be submitted to the Community Services Coordinator by:

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Community Player Award Application Pkge 2018

Evaluation Criteria:Picture 112

The successful candidate will show a clear commitment to music education, and consider it a priority in their life. Applicants should describe their :

  • volunteer work in the music community
  • dedication to multiple instruments or disciplines
  • regular attendance at music events
  • self-directed initiatives in lessons (extra practice, compositions, arrangements)
  • collaboration with peers.

Composition of reference letters:

A total of three letters will need to be submitted to be eligible for this award. Letters should emphasize the candidate’s involvement with the above criteria.  The composition of the reference letters are as follows:

  1. One letter from an MCMA Faculty Member who instructs the applicant
  2. One letter from community members (e.g. Member of a church parish, band director, volunteer coordinator at a personal care home,peer reference).  References must have or had an ongoing relationship with the applicant and state this in the letter.
  3. One letter from the applicant, stating their musical involvement, goals they hope to achieve through music education, and the impact this award will have on their study.

Community Player Award Application Pkge 2018





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